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TRASFORINI was established in the early 1960s as an artisanal wooden door and fixtures workshop by its founder, Luigi Trasforini. Towards the end of the 1980s his son Stefano Trasforini joined the company, following the technical side of the business, focusing above all on design. The small artisanal workshop expanded over the years, today having a surface area of 3000 sq m equipped with machinery and skilled artisans who can produce both traditional pieces as well as items having a contemporary design. In 2007, the daughter Dr Daniela Trasforini became a member of the board of directors together with her brother to carry on the family tradition:
<<The doors that our father produced were made to stand the test of time, and we his children, having benefited from the values and teachings that we received, want to make sure that the new and modern production processes of our company continue the same quality and consistency that our father always guaranteed with his manual skills. Modern technologies help us to achieve architectural perfection, and our finishes have become our trademark.” .>>
The company supplies homeowners attentive to details and quality looking to add a distinctive character to their homes and designers looking for an expert and reliable partner to help realise their creations.
Today, Trasforini's know-how is such that it not only produces "custom-made" doors but also panelling, furniture and accessories, thanks to in-depth research into how to differentiate itself from mass produced products by focusing on the details, ensuring high-quality doors at factory prices.
With the help of partnerships developed over 50 years of activity, the company offers contract services for both residential and commercial buildings, from doors, windows, security locks and stairs (wood-iron-glass) to furniture, be it from stock, custom made or manufactured according to specs provided by the designer or developed with the customer.


Trasforini has been working with wood for almost 50 years, its day to day work has always been done with attention to detail on each door, as well as following the philosophy that has made them stand out from the rest and reflected in the founder's never ending ideas and ambitions. Luigi Trasforini has transformed his 50 year old business into a mission.

Trasforini is characterised by the manic pursuit of quality when it comes to raw materials and the production process, without ever forgetting the values of craftsmanship, the key strength behind each door produced.

Trasforini cares for the environment, so the company uses only wood that comes from areas that are strictly controlled and subject to reforestation, and biocompatible materials like water-based vinyl adhesives that are free of solvents and formaldehyde, water-based paints and biodegradable oil and wax compounds.